Literally went through the worst business experience in my LIFE. I want to share this to hopefully give insight on things and hopefully make it to where this does not happen to others.

I was approached by Kevin Petersen from Growth Stack Inc to acquire one of the SaaS platforms I wanted to pass on to another company who can grow it. This was back in September.

We go through all due diligence, he gives me a letter of intent on November 6. In the terms he blatantly blocked me from looking for any other buyer. Exclusivity clause. …

I am a fan of Social Media, and am a true believer in that it helps network and grow your social life both on a personal level as well as a business level.

A few months back I noticed that I was getting friend suggestions and I had never encountered these people before. It was sort of like a dream. It’s said that when you dream of someone that you dont know or don’t recognize, you have at some point in your life come across this person to some extent. I felt that was the same way. I started realizing that my privacy was being invaded a few weeks ago when I was talking with my ex over the phone about some relationship issues they were having. About 1 hour passes and I logged into Facebook to discover that I was being directed to connect with their current boyfriend. …

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